I've been having a frustrating time figuring out the LogException thrown, hopefully someone could provide some insight.

The script is generated in Rational Functional Tester, and consists of a main script that has a client with an event listener to listen for messages received.

The script runs without exception in RFT and the logging performs well.

When the script is run from Testmanager, the logInfo() messages that were called from the main script shows up in Testmanager log, but the logInfo() messages called from the listener throws the following exception:
"com.rational.test.ft.services.LogException: CRFCN0323E: Logging event failed. Event code [9] TSS Event Code [21][[]: not connected to a TSS server"

Both the main script and the listener are instances of RationalTestScript class.

Hope someone could shed some light on the problem.