I am trying to find a more efficient way of loading objects and their properties at runtime into variables. I have a script that does this but it takes a while. The number of objects may also change at runtime so the way I'm loading the properties is not very efficient.

The CheckBox Object names will always be chkRadioCircuit(x), however the location on the application can be different each time the application is started.

For iFind_Object_Loop = 0 to 40 ' max number of allowable Objects
iDB_Row2 = 0
sRadioCircuit_Obj = "chkRadioCircuit(" & iFind_Object_Loop &")"

If SQAFindObject("Type=CheckBox;Name=" & sRadioCircuit_Obj) = sqaSuccess then ' checks for existence of chkRadioCircuit(x)

Result=SQAGetProperty("Type=CheckBox;Name=" & sRadioCircuit_Obj ,"Tag",sFind_Tag)

' compares a known tag id to what was pulled from the form.
Loop While sFind_Tag <> vntAll_Circuit_GUIDs(2,iDB_Row2)

End If

Next iFind_Object_Loop