When recording a click on an htmltable Robot records:

HTMLTable Click, "HTMLId=DepartmentRolesListViewWidget_un5_ReasonLi stViewControl", "Row=7;Col=1"

I am trying to modify the Row=7 part of this so that Robot reads the innertext of the table and clicks on the variable I specify. i.e:

Click, "HTMLId=DepartmentRolesListViewWidget_un5_ReasonLi stViewControl", "Text=&value;Col=1"

But this is not working, in earlier code on the script I used:

Result=SQAGetProperty("Type=HTMLTable;HTMLId=& actualname","InnerText",TableText)

To get the table text

But during playback Robot will only click the row if "Row" is given, it wont recognise variable text.

Any suggestions?