hi all,
this is the script iam using for getting the rowcount of the datapool,so that i can use the count as the end of the for loop.
BBB=sqadatapoolopen("aaa", false, SQA_DP_SEQUENTIAL, false)Status = SQADatapoolFetch (AAA)
While Status <> sqaDpEOF
Count = Count +1
Status = SQADatapoolFetch (AAA)
SQADatapoolClose AAA
rowcount = Count
msgbox"rowcount is"&count
It works fine.but when i edit the datapool i.e if i add or delete a row in the datapool it still show the old rowcount.
can anyone help me with what iam doing wrong.
Any suggestions on how to end the for loop without using the rowcount
thanks in advance.