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    Activate ChildWindow

    Hi. I've got a real head scratcher here; I'll try to explain it as best I can. We've written a robot script to test a data entry app; when a popup error message appears, the code will click the OK button on the error message and, then return to the ChildWindow to continue data entry. There are several popups that can occur and, the code handles each one in the same way (case statement); but, for some reason, when the script closes one of the popups, Robot cannot find the ChildWindow. After the script closes the other popups, Robot can find the ChildWindow with no problem.

    The Failure Description is "Window was found but was not enabled". I tried clicking on the lower part of the screen but, that did not help. The only way Robot continues is to manually double click in the text field; but, I can't do this inside the script because Robot does not see the ChildWindow.

    Here are the Window statements:
    Window SetContext, "Caption={Main*}",""
    Window SetContext, "Caption={Child*};ChildWindow",""

    Is there a way to tell Robot to go to a ChildWindow that it doesn't recognize? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Activate ChildWindow

    Presuming the Child Window is Disabled,

    Try this ;

    Window SetContext, "Caption={Main*}",""
    Window SetContext, "Caption={Child*};ChildWindow;State=Disabled", ""

    It may not find the Child Window, even if the Main Window is Disabled.If this is the case you can try ;

    Window SetContext, "Caption={Main*};State=Disabled",""
    Window SetContext, "Caption={Child*};ChildWindow",""



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