I have a problem measuring the response time with and without Think_avg.

I have a transaction with timer as

Login = http_request "URL"
start_time ["Login"] _fc_ts;
set Server_connection = Login;
http_header_recv ["Log001"] 200;
http_nrecv ["Log002"] 100 %%;
stop_time ["Login"];

After running the test the response time is given as 10 seconds. When I check the test log properties, the time taken between start_time and Server_connection is around 8 seconds and rest of the commands comes around 2 seconds.

But when I insert Think_avg = 0 between "Start_time" and "Set Server_connection", the response time between start_time and Server_connection comes down in secs and the total response for the "Login" comes down to 2 or 3 seconds.

This happens sometimes between set Server_connection and http_header_recv also.

Is this the right way to add Think_avg = 0 between these commands ?