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    A question about rational testing tools

    Hi All

    I have questions about the rational testing tools.

    I need a tool to do the following:

    1- enables testers to write test cases and attaches screenshots
    2- Give the facility to put the reported test cases on a server to be viewed by the developers so they fix them and mark them when they are finished as fixed

    Which one of the ratiolan testing tools do this ?

    Thanks For your coperation.

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    Re: A question about rational testing tools

    What are you exactly looking for in this forum?
    This is regarding Rational Robot: an automation tool
    If you want to write testcases: you need testers...
    bugtracking requires bugtracking software... waht do you need exactly? and why not post it in the correct forum?

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    Re: A question about rational testing tools

    Well... I guess TestManager lets your testers write testcases, etc.

    ClearQuest is a Rational product we use to track bugs and defects.

    Is that what you were looking for??

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    Re: A question about rational testing tools

    Rational Robot is integrated with TestManger which helps you manage your testing and keeps the Automation result logs on the server.
    It is also integrated with Rational ClearQuest, so from the result logs you can log defects in the CQ.

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    Re: A question about rational testing tools

    Why are you only focusing Rational tools? Have you given thought to Mercury tools?

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    Re: A question about rational testing tools


    Thanks very much for your help

    and thank you all for your replies



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