The RegionVP function is failing for us with the WaitPositive and WaitNegative actions. The docs say that the Name=$ parameter should specify the name of a file stored in the same directory as the script. We have tried .img files, .bmp files, have specified the entire path in the "Name=" parameter and every combination in between. In all cases, Robot reports in its result log that "All or part of the path is invalid".

What is the correct syntax for the "Name=" parameter?
What image formats does this support?
Where should the image files really be placed?

Answers to ANY of these questions would be greatly appreciated.

BTW - I found that regionVP with CompareImage has a huge memory leak. Every time a comparison is performed, a GDI handle is allocated along with about 4k of memory ( I believe this depends on the image size being compared ). This causes the system under test to start breaking down after only a few hundred iterations of the script (depending on the number of image comparisons being done). The robot script will begin to fail with "not enough memory" failures and the Robot GUI becomes useless.