Robot dialog boxes, menus, and dialog boxes are showing up blank after a few hours of running my script. The application under test appears to be fine, but anything relating to Robot is toast. Also, the script stops detecting obvious video events around this time. Robot appears to be running out of memory at this point, yet there is still plenty of system memory available. Because the dialogs and menus are showing up blank, I'm guessing it's video memory that being chewed up.

The Robot script I have is intended to drive a Windows application for a long period of time (days). It polls certain locations on the screen, checking for events and launches groups of scripts depending on the timing and the event that was detected.

It appears to be some sort of memory leak with the Robot engine or my scripts. I've been through the relatively short scripts a number of times and cannot see any objects that shouldn't be freed up at the end of each script run.

Has anyone else seen this?