I am using Rational Robot version 2003.06.15.734.000 to record scripts. I am recording in an emulated IE window within a powerbuilder window. Within this window, there are several drop down lists and when I record a script at times it will record correctly and other times it will not. Both the recorded application and Rational Robot are never closed and no settings are changed. Below are the recorded scripts which work and do not work. I am wondering why it will suddenly work and then not work.

ComboBox Click, "Name=taxFormYear", ""
ComboListBox Click, "Name=taxFormYear", "Text="2006"

ComboBox Click, "Name=taxFormYear", ""
ComboListBox Click, "ObjectIndex=0", "ItemData=103128340"

If I select the same drop down list item 3 times in a row the ItemData= # will be different every time.