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    Hi ,
    I have couple of questions:
    1. How can I find recMethod for SQAGetProperty, because I got an error 1003.
    I need get row data from HTML table

    Window SetTestContext, "WindowTag=WEBBrowser", ""
    Browser SetFrame,"Type=HTMLFrame;HTMLId=TargetContent",""
    ' Result = HTMLTableVP (CompareData, "Type=HTMLTable;Index=11", "VP=Object Data;Wait=2,30")
    Window ResetTestContext, "", ""

    Result = SQAGetProperty (;\;Type=HTMLTable;Index=11", "Rows", valuee)
    1. I recorder 3 pages and now I am try to add SQAGetProperty.
    Is this possible to Play Bask script from page 3 (and skip 1 and 2) to see SQAGetProperty , because it take long time.

    Thank you

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    Re: SQAGetProperty

    I can not touch upon all of your points, only the error 1003.

    I have run into that error before. It was corrected by setting the variable in SQAGetProperty as a VChar.

    Let me know if that helps.
    Matt Michaux

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    Re: SQAGetProperty

    I meant Type, Variant

    Here is the code.

    Dim ls_client_number As Variant
    Result = SQAGetProperty
    ("Name=dw_general;\;Name=cl_n","Value",ls_client_n umber)
    Matt Michaux

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    Re: SQAGetProperty

    Thank you,
    it works

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    Re: SQAGetProperty

    Hi ,
    I recorded the below code, i got an error 1003

    Window SetTestContext, "Caption=Job Accounting Records - Phaser 4510DT - Microsoft Internet Explorer", ""
    Browser NewPage,"HTMLTitle=Job Accounting Records - Phaser 4510DT",""
    Result = HTMLTableVP (CompareProperties, "HTMLId=data", "VP=Object Properties")
    Window ResetTestContext, "", ""

    I need to captur the data present in the HTML Table using SQAGetProperty what should i do.

    I tryed the below code:
    Result = SQAGetProperty ("Type=HTMLTableCell;HTMLId=datarowindexb","outerH TML", value1)

    even this return error 1003. please help me out. thanks

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    Re: SQAGetProperty

    Error 1003 on SQAGetProperty is an Object Not Found error. You need to make sure that your recognition string is correct as well as make sure your Window SetContext is present before the SQAGetproperty and is correct.
    If this or any response has helped you, please reply to the thread stating that it worked so other people with a similar issue will know how you fixed your issue!


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    Re: SQAGetProperty

    first of all you cant fetch rows and cols from HTML table with the help of SQAGetProperty.
    You have to extract the data using innerText,outerText property and split the table accodingly.



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