Hi all,
Help me , please, to solve the problem .
I call from the function lib1.sbl to lib2.sbl and try to path the parameters.
The date is readable in the lib1.sbl , but not visible in the lib2.sbl

SQAConsoleWrite "Error on line " & erl & " of Open_Connection: " & ERROR
SQAConsoleWrite "Error in Open_Connection"
CALL LOG_Message(sqaFail, "Error on line " & erl & " of Open_Connection: " & ERROR, "Error in Open_Connection")
Resume CLOSE_Connection
End Function

In console:
Error on line '28' of Open_Connection: 'Microsoft JET Database Engine: No value given for one or more required parameters.'
Error in Open_Connection

But this value not delivered to Log_Message in to Li2.sbl

Function LOG_Message(nSeverity As Integer, strTitle As String, strDetail As String) As string

SQAConsoleWrite "nSeverity " & nSeverity
SQAConsoleWrite "strTitle " & strTitle
SQAConsoleWrite "strDetail " & " & strTitle

Console is empty

On Error goto Err_LOG_Message

Select Case nSeverity

End Select
Exit Function
SQAScriptCmdFailure "LOG_MESSAGE problem"
Resume Exit_LOG_Message
End Function