i have a newly created project with a minimal amount of scripts. I started adding datapool to one of the GUI scripts. I have no problems opening and fetching the records. But for some reason when I add more than about 10 columns to the datapool it stops reading. I have not pinpointed a specific column i tried changing the column names and orders and i tried not changing the length. this is the error i recieve and from viewing the previous posts i have seen it touched on but the person was able to fix it but did not give what was changed. its the error when parsing csv file from what i have researched.

**** Script Command Failure on line 233 of 'SqaUtil' -

anyone have any suggestions. I am going to make another script and datapool from scratch. I have already deleted the datapool and created a new one a few times. I have used datapools previsously and did not run into this issue.
any help would be appreciated.