My AUT is written in C/C++ using win32 custom controls for all field types. Rational recognizes the fields and works fairly well with the AUT except for one big issue. Issue: Rational does not recognize a field name for any of the fields which forces me to use objectindex as the Recognition Method.

I have read through other posts and Rationals website regarding custom controls. It appears Rationals response to custom controls is:
1) Use standard ActiveX controls or
2) Contact to have them create a custom proxy for you

Well, our programming team is not about to rewrite our entire application just to display a name in Rational. They would create our own automated testing tool before they did that. This means we need to create a custom proxy (or keep using objectindex).

Reading through AppPoints whitepaper it appears their proxies use Microsoft Active Accessibility Interface to communicate between the AUT and Robot. Well, our programming team has already modified our AUT to display a field name using the Microsoft Active Accessibility Interface so it appears we are just missing one small piece of code to take this name and communicate it with Rational.

I was hoping to find any documentation from Rational(or anywhere)that would tell use how to create this proxy but I have found nothing.

Does anybody have any documentation or know where to find any that would tell how to build a proxy for Win32 custom controls?

Am I misunderstanding anything regarding custom controls?