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    Checking if AUT is already running?

    I'm sure somebody knows this...

    Does anyone know the best way to check if an AUT, like notepad for instance, is already running so you don't spawn multiple processes each time you launch a script?

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    Re: Checking if AUT is already running?

    If you know the title of the window you want to find, you can use the Windows API 'FindWindow' for this purpose

    Try this thread

    More information can be found on the MSDN site.

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    Re: Checking if AUT is already running?

    Always do a search before posting. I searched for 'exists' in this (Robot) forum and found many matches. Here's one:


    If that doesn't work, get creative and use 'FileCopy' then 'kill' command to delete the exe. If it works, the app is not running; copy it back and keep going. If the kill (delete) command fails, the app is running. You'd have to play around with OnError and other error handling routines to get this working.



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