Hi All,
We've run into a strange issue that is reproducible on 2 of our machines, so I was wondering if someone else could give it a try and let us know if you get the same (or hopefully a different) result.

1) Launch Windows Calculator (Start>>Run>>"calc")
2) Run the below code as is:

Sub Main
dim test1 as Variant
dim test2 as Variant

' Window SetTestContext, "Type=Window;Caption=Calculator", "" '''Line 1
' Window SetTestContext, "Type=Window;Caption=Something", "" '''Line 2
test1 = SQAWaitForObject("Type=Window;Caption=Calculator", 100)
test2 = SQAFindObject("Type=Window;Caption=Calculator")
SQAConsoleWrite "SQAWaitForObject result=" + test1
SQAConsoleWrite "SQAFindObject result=" + test2
End Sub
3) After noting that the results for both Wait and Find are 0, uncomment Line 1 and run the code again
4) If you get the same result as we did, you'll see 1016 for Wait and 1003 for Find. If you get this result, comment out Line 1, and run the code again (NOTE: at this point you'll be running the same code you ran in Step 2)
5) Check the results (Ours continued to return 1016 and 1003) If yours does the same, comment out line 1, uncomment line 2, run code again, and stop the script while it's looking for "Something" on your desktop.
6) Comment out line 2 and run the code for the last time. The results should once again be "0"

Please let me know if you try it and what results you get. I'm really hoping this is a problem with our install.

One more thing to note: If everything happens as I've said, at step 5 Robot will be in an odd state where if you close it and try to re-open it, it won't until you re-logon.

Thanks in advance for your help.