Hello everyone.

Here's our situation:
In our organization, we use an excel sheet template to write Test Cases. The excel sheet consist of 9 columns, consisting of the following main columns: Test Case ID, Test Case Description, Execution Procedure and Expected Result.

For our project, we have written several Test Cases and identified the Test Cases that we would like to automate using Robot, and those we would like to run manually. We would like to prepare a consolidated excel sheet report of our manual and automated executions of Test Cases, that should at least show us Test Case ID, Pass / Fail and Remarks / Comments (which we intend to write if the Test Case ID fails).

So my questions are:
1. Can we customize the columns given ManualTest for our purposes, or are they fixed columns?
2. How do we 'execute' Test Cases which we have identified as 'automated' from TestManager? How do we ensure traceability between the Test Case ID and the corresponding Robot script?
3. Can we generate a custom excel sheet of our Test Case Results from TestManager?
4. Can the TestManager Reports be saved and opened from any standard utilities (browser / Word etc), or do we need Rational installed to open them?

Your help / suggestions are much appreciated.