this is bugging me for 2 days already...urgh...

I'm finding it weird that in one of my validation points, it throws me a failure when the comparenumeric compares 2 same numbers.

Any help, hints, thoughts will be much appreciated!!!

To illustrate it in code:
'$Include "SQAUTIL.SBH"

Sub Main
dim cost as integer
dim t_cost as string
dim dp as long
dim Result as integer

dp=sqadatapoolopen("datapool1", FALSE, SQA_DP_SEQUENTIAL, TRUE)

call sqadatapoolfetch(dpHandler)

StartBrowser "http://localhost/test.jsp", "WindowTag=WEBBrowser"

' cost = 100 in datapool
call sqadatapoolvalue(dp,1,t_cost)

cost = val(t_cost)

Window SetContext, "WindowTag=WEBBrowser", ""
Window WMaximize, "", ""
Browser NewPage,"",""

EditBox Left_Drag, "Name=cost", "Coords=76,10,-84,0"
InputKeys t_cost

PushButton Click, "Name=submit"

Browser NewPage,"",""

' in the returned page, the editbox holds 100 as value too
Result = EditBoxVP (CompareNumeric, "Name=returned_cost", "VP=VP_cost;Value=" &cost)

Msgbox result 'Shows 0, which means it failed, but why???

Call SQADatapoolClose(dpHandler)

end sub