Hello All,

I am using Rational Performance Test Studio to performance test
the web base application.

Protocol used in the application is HTTP. Application has 3 tier

Browser---Web Server----Application server---Database. We are using
WebLogic 8.1 as an Application Server.

I have record the script for one scenario, while play back the
scenario, I am getting following error in log messages,

Recorded script

http_nrecv ["ADD_SPE003"] 12216; /* 12216/43513 bytes */

Played back result:


EXPECTED 12216 bytes, RECEIVED 303
ACTUAL=< 302 Moved Temporarily

body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"
This document you requested has moved temporarily.
It's now at] Response complete.

Why I am not able to receive the expected 12216 bytes.

What is the reason to get such kind of errors?

I would really appreciate if you could provide any help in this,