I have two problems while testing a Web App.

1. Execution of HTMLDocumentVP causes Robot to crash on some machines. Did anyone have the same problem?

2. In our Web App there are some pages that take a long time to load (some minutes). Normally the link that has to be clicked next does appear very fast so that the test could continue though the page is not loaded fully. In order to qickly continue the script execution I wrote a

Browser NewPage,"HTMLTitle=myurl","Wait=10"

in the script. I expected the script to wait a maximum of 10 seconds and then continues even if the page has not been loaded. But that is
not the case. The "Wait" seems to have no effect. The script waits minutes until the page has loaded and then continues. Maybe I haven't
understand the meaning of the Browser-command.

Any tips?

Andreas Schönknecht