Our production is developed by Delphi 5.0, it conclude an Exe file and severed Ocx file, the exe control the Ocx’s behave, the codes like this:
olevar:= CreateOleObject('TestocxProj.Testocx');
olevar.start; //Display the Form in the Ocx file
olevar := null;

We want use Rational Robot to test our application, so we add the SQASRVR.pas which create by Rotional Test Enables into our project file (both of exe project and ocx project).Rebuild the project. We can get the properties of the controls in the Exe application by robot.
But the problem is, the OCX started by the EXE, can’t identified by robot; it means that we can’t get the properties of any controls in the OCX, and we can’t create any valuable scripts.
is the right way to test OCX? How to test the OCX by robot? Is there any boby can give me a tip.