We have a script in 'VU' which does the following.

1.Logs into the application.
2.We have some dynamic data in the page, which changes for every user depending on the role he is playing in the application.
3.I have parsed the data returned from 'http_nrecv' and stored in '_response'
4.Next part of the script depends on the 'Parsed data'.

Problem: When we run the suite containing this script continuously for '8' hours, the suite stops getting the response after running for '4-6' hours.
I don't have any clue why is it doing so. The suite is still running, but it is not getting the response.
When we do it manually, I am able to login, get the response, and do what ever the user does.

Just to debug it, I am writing the _reponse to one file, but at one point time it stops getting the reponse.
But, when I restart the robot at that point of time(without restarting the 'Application Server' or 'DataBase server'), suite starts getting the response once again.

I have not taken care of the 'memory management' within my my script, as it is cleary documented that 'VU' has automatic memory management.
But I am closing all the 'Data Pool' connections and http connections.

When I check the 'CMD Data' report in Test Manager, for the above command, it has returned 'Server Invalid Connection'.
Anyone has got any idea?