When I do a record and split the scripts, I see the connections kept at the end of the scripts, and re-used in the next script.

Shall I close all connection at the end of each script, or shall I persistent it to next script?
The problem is the next script may not use that hang connection, when I connect it to a different script, so I have to disconnect it.

-------- Beginning of the script >>>>>>>>
/* Keep-Alive request over connection D10_91_46_90_6 */
http_request ["CBDSum001"]
"GET /baliweb_ver_" + http_url_encode(version_date) + "_UAT_P20_adc/xml/TBTxnHistoryWI.xml HTTP/1.1\r\n"
"Accept: */*\r\n"
"Referer:" + http_url_encode(version_date) + "_UAT_P20_adc/site/lightho"
"Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate\r\n"
"User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR"
" 1.1.4322)\r\n"
"Connection: Keep-Alive\r\n"
"Cookie: JSESSIONID=B1gCSJkh4H7YvbMZfjJZJQwlLnDnCtgyv2Q2L9y gF22KJscwBjqC"
start_time ["CBDSum"] _fs_ts;

--------------- end of script >>>>>>>>>
/* Keep-Alive request over connection D10_91_46_90_12 */
http_request ["CBDSum007"]
"POST /baliweb_ver_" + http_url_encode(version_date) + "_UAT_P20_adc/baliService/ HTTP/1.1\r\n"
"Accept-Language: en\r\n"
"Content-Type: x-www-form-urlencoded\r\n"
"Accept-Encoding: gzip\r\n"
"Bali-Accept-Encoding: gzip\r\n"
"Accept: text/html, image/gif, image/jpeg, *; q=.2, */*; q=.2\r\n"
"User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Win32)\r\n"
"Content-Length: 162\r\n"
"Connection: Keep-Alive\r\n"
"Cache-Control: no-cache\r\n"
"Cookie: JSESSIONID=B1gCSJkh4H7YvbMZfjJZJQwlLnDnCtgyv2Q2L9y gF22KJscwBjqC"
"<RequestList><Request><Target>S ystemServices</Target><Action>ProductA"

http_header_recv ["CBDSum008"] 200; /* OK */

http_nrecv ["CBDSum009"] 100 %% ; /* 214 bytes */

stop_time ["CBDSum"]; /* Stop_Block */