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    SQL Server error

    After I select the SQL protocol and record then after finishing the
    recording it asks to select the prtocol.When i click the ok button
    following error occurs
    Native SQLServer7 protocol recordings may not decode properly.
    Use ODBC drivers and API recording to test SQLServer7 systems.
    The script generation process is unable to access the dbinit()
    function within the vendor's client library. Please ensure that
    the vendor client software is properly installed.

    please if u ppls have any solution then help me

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    Re: SQL Server error

    I've encountered this error with our product. Unfortunately I never pursued getting around it and instead chose to just launch multiple VMWare instances to simulate many clients. There are 2 key statements here: "Native SQLServer7 protocol recordings may not decode properly" and "Use ODBC drivers". My interpretation of this is that your application is communicating directly to the SQL server with a native driver. Unless someone comes up with a better/correct answer, I'd suggest creating an ODBC datasource connecting to your SQL server and then reconfigure your application to communicate to the ODBC datasource instead of directly. If that sounds complicated, the developer who wrote the SQL code should know what I'm talking about there. I didn't want to do this because I wanted to be able to *fully* simulate exactly how our application was going to be working in the field. If you find a solution other than this one, I'd be glad to hear about it. ... along with anyone else's opinions if I'm on the right track here.



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