Hi All,

Am trying to read ListView contents, I am using
lvwGetRowCount(vLvwRecog) of ListView pcakage files sdownlaoded from yahoo rational users grp.

Here is code
'$Include "ListView.sbh"
Sub Main
Dim Result As Integer
Dim vLvwRecog as Variant
Dim saLvwData() as String

'Initially Recorded: 19/07/2004 11:33:43 AM
'Script Name: testTaskManager

Window SetContext, "Class=Shell_TrayWnd", ""
PopupMenuSelect "Task Manager"

Window SetContext, "Caption=Windows Task Manager;State=Hidden", ""
Window OpenIcon, "", ""

MsgBox lvwGetRowCount("Text=Processes")
end sub

It throws me an error " File ListView not found"

can anyone suggest, why?

Even i use ObjData2 fucntions also with simmple explorer.exe, it give same file not found errors..

Please suggest