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    doubt about untestable service

    Consider i have to test a mail service and i don't know how test it. Still i have to test it without any reference (on the spot). I have no material to read or to follow and i have doubt about the service how do i test it? How do i resolve the doubt without knowing anything about that service?

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    Re: doubt about untestable service

    This seems really simple, so maybe I am missing something. This would be my approach:
    Ask why would someone use this service?
    Then ask how would they use the service?
    And last, what is the measure of success?

    Go to google and research mail services, then read the sales brochures. When you have an idea of what the "expected" user it trying to accomplish then figure out how this particular service is intended to help them. Is it used by another piece of code, or is there a user interface.

    Set up a number of goals (tied to major functionality in the service) and try to use the service.

    More play

    Then write your test plan.

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    Re: doubt about untestable service

    No no its not like that you(tester) don't know the bench marking standard of a particular service. Infact you don't know how to test it. Internet is not available for you. But still you have to test it.
    How do we remove the doubt from testers mind?

    I have just taken an example of mail service. For your application you will not get any help on net.

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    Re: doubt about untestable service

    You may want to post this in one of the other forums at this web site.

    Regardless of what you are testing, someone on the face of this earth knows what needs to be done. You have done the first an important thing... you went looking for them.

    When you don't know, find someone. If they don't know enough, find additional people.

    In th end, your changes to "how do I know I have enough information to test". Most likely you will run out of time before you have found enough information feel comfortable.

    What is Quality? If the measure is a happy customer, then find out what will make the customer happy. Find the information needed to keep the customer happy.



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