Howdy all.

Here is the deal. I have an application that allows for a few different users to access, all based on the login user id to the operating system box.

When you log into Windows XP and open up an IE browser instance, the browser uses the credentials based from the Windows XP login. The application verifies these credentials.

Well, here is the problem: Multiple browsers, with the same caption and/or title.

The $WindowTag is a great item to separate the browser instances, but it only works if the user selects the "StartBrowser" command from Robot.

This is where the underlying problem exists. For me to use different users for each browser, I can achieve this a few different ways. 1) I can use the XP function "runas" 2) I can use a 3rd party tool, such as CPAU.exe.

In either case, these utilities allow a program to be ran under different credentials. Otherwise, I can open 10 browsers with 10 different users (all registered with the network); but Rational can't distinguish between the browsers because the caption/titles are the same.... I can't use WindowTag (from what I have found), for it is only tied to the "StartBrowser" command.... In which I cant use that either, for I need to run one of these utilities to provide the correct credentials.

With me thus far?

Well, trying to be creative, I found the command: SQASetDefaultBrowser. This is used to determine which browser to use (Netscape / IE).

The command "StartBrowser" must use some sort of reference to determine which browser to use on the operating system. So, it must either default to IE & use registry path settings, or what is defined from the SQASetDefaultBrowser command.. right?

What gets me, is with the Netscape flag, you can specify a path to the browser application. Yet, the way it reads for the IE, it doesn't allow you to. I was trying to either put in a shell for it to call, or something.

I am at a brick wall here. Any help would be possible.

Here is some example code:

SQASetDefaultBrowser "Explorer=C:\CPAU.exe -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -ex c:\progra~1\intern~1\iexplore.exe"

StartBrowser "","WindowTag=Test"

- In this example, it opens a browser instance ignoring the path specified by the Explorer=. So, ultimately, it logs into the browser under my WindowsXP login. If I run this command (starting from the "=") from the dos prompt, it loads the browser and user permissions correctly.

#2) SQASetDefaultBrowser "Explorer=C:\Browser.lnk"

StartBrowser "","WindowTag=Test"

- This does the same thing as #1. Inside the Browser.lnk file, is the command for the CPAU.exe which was listed above in #1.

SQASetDefaultBrowser "Navigator=C:\CPAU.exe -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD -ex c:\progra~1\intern~1\iexplore.exe"

StartBrowser "","WindowTag=Test"

- This causes an error on the line starting with "StartBrowser". Granted, I am pointing to IE with the Netscape flag, but I am reaching here. I think I found a rational bug too, for if I change it back; it always throws an error. The way to clear the error is to comment out the "=" point forward; just specifying "Explorer".

Anyways, I don't know what to do. Life would be great if I could find:

1) A way to do something similar to what I mentioned above
2) Find a different command that uses WindowTag
3) A way to have WindowTag placed on a browser instance, opened else wise than the "StartBrowser".