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    scripts no longer will play back

    I have some robot scripts for web testing that I have been using for several months. Starting yesterday, with no changes to my machine or to the web site, the scripts no longer work. Basically, they no longer recognize browser objects, sees them all as generic objects now. I uninstalled robot, cleaned the registry and did everything the tech notes say to do to re-install robot, then re-installed robot to no avail. Has anyone else had a problem like this? I have been talking and emailing with Rational support all day with no luck either. I would appreciate any help that anyone can provide.

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    Re: scripts no longer will play back

    Probably u might have associated the window class to 'Generic' object type by mistake.
    This is just a guess. Try to get the actual class of the object and map to the correct object type using Robot's object mappting option.

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    Re: scripts no longer will play back

    Welcome to my world!
    It is insane how this happens.



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