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    Tough nut to crack (MS OUTLOOK 2000)

    Can anybody give me a sample code for action “File --- > New --- > New Mail Message” for Microsoft Outlook 2000 using Rational Robot

    Precondition: - Microsoft Outlook 2000 is open in maximize mode

    Condition for writing code: -
    1) Avoid use of co-ordinates
    2) Avoid use of Short cut keys (do not use InputKeys method of Robot)
    3) Only use mouse actions
    4) Using OLE2/COM interface of outlook is a sure option but then I have to test the GUI of outlook under a particular environment. So again using OLE2/COM interface is also not a solution.

    Post condition: - Should be able to open New Mail Message window with the use of mouse events/actions only.

    Abhijeet Deshmukh

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    Re: Tough nut to crack (MS OUTLOOK 2000)


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    Re: Tough nut to crack (MS OUTLOOK 2000)

    Why is this a student assignment

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    Re: Tough nut to crack (MS OUTLOOK 2000)

    Don't get your statement about COM, so just record playback is what your 'assignment' calls for.

    Microsoft interface is not made to record against that's why they have a nice COM interface.




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