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    Verification for copy-paste

    How to Verify that the text you copied get pasted successfully?E.G. Iam trying to copy contents of a text file and want to paste it into mail message box of outlook.How shall I verify that the clipboard got pasted successfully on the desired place

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    Re: Verification for copy-paste


    just use the SQAGetProperty Cammand to get the text of the "Outlook new mail window":

    Result = SQAGetProperty("Type=Generic;ID=2748", "Text", strMessageText)

    Then check if the Var "strMessageText" contains the correct string.

    Hope this helps


    Stefan Moers
    Cycos QA

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    Re: Verification for copy-paste

    Open the text file, and do InputKeys "^{HOME}^+{END}^c" . This is to copy the entire content of the text file. Declare a variable and assign the clipboard contents to the variable using
    sVariable = Clipboard.GetText. If u paste the content of the variable in the message box, it would be correct. U can verify this using SQAGetProperty..also.


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    Re: Verification for copy-paste

    Thanks Stefan and jayaprakash it works fine.



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