I am setting up a login script which uses the Browser Object. This works great, until I get to the login input boxes where the autocomplete function kicks in and asks if I want to change the password through an Autocomplete Dialog. I don't want to have everyone disable the autocomplete function in their browsers, so I want to temporarily disable this functionality and as soon as the login is complete, re enable autocomplete.

Does anyone know how to temporarily disable the AutoComplete function for IE 5/6 using SQABasic code?

Microsoft provides the following VB code on MSDN, but I am having trouble converting this to SQABasic:
See: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/de...plete/init.asp
IAutoComplete::Enable Method

Enables or disables autocompletion.

HRESULT Enable(BOOL fEnable)

fEnable [in] Value that is set to TRUE to enable autocompletion, or to FALSE to disable it.

Return Value:
Returns S_OK if successful, or an OLE error value otherwise.

Autocompletion is enabled by default. Applications need only to call this method to disable autocompletion or to reenable it if it has been disabled.