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    Problem in retrieve object properties

    I'm facing very funny behaviour of Rational Robot.My application is developed in Java. It is web based.
    The time when I execute, Rational- Test Enabler - (Java Enabler). I record the script, I can retrieve the properties for the object. First time I can playback even.
    But when I playback it again, object properties are not retrieved at all. (Then I try to record, here also during VP, properties are not get. Then I again install java enabler & cycle goes on).
    Can anyone tell me what and where can be the problem. And what can be the solution for the same.
    Please let me know, in case anyone has faced same problems with the possible solutions.

    I am fed up. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Problem in retrieve object properties

    Try this.might help.....
    If you start a Web browser outside of Robot (that is, without using the StartBrowser command), you must open rbtstart.htm in your browser, or run the Rational ActiveX Test Control that rbtstart.htm references, before loading Web pages for testing. By default, rbtstart.htm is located in:

    C:\Program Files\Rational\Rational Test



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