I am currently doing load testing on one simple web based application.

Devlopemnt technology of application is
Front End : ASP
Database : SQL 2000

While recodring a scenario script generated succesfully.

But While running a scenrio after doing paramterisation with only 2 virtual users Test manager first gaves warning

"Checking out individual licenses "

and then gaves me folloing error "Test Manager run failed initialization" and script failed for 2 virtual users.

But the same script runs for single virtual users OR two iterations with single virtual users

Above error might reflect the lincesing issues but i already installed following licenses

Rational Teamtest Type: Nodelocked
Ratioanl Allprotocol Type: Floting
Rational 50 users virtual pack Type: Floting.
Rational Teamtest Type: Floting.

All licenses are tempory licenses.

Question : Will above warning and message coming b'coz I was instaled both Nodelocked and Floting licenses for Team test.
OR Is it b'coz some other problem ? ( B'coz I already installed 50 virtual users so i don't think there should be any problem of liccense )

If there will not be any problem regarding license then how why this error comes and running of script failed ?