Dear All,

As per our application i have hundreds of graphs in .jpg format in differnet verson of the application. In application 1 we have hundreds of graph file and so in the application 2. Now i want to compare the files of each App with other. Let say 5 files are there of both the verson of application and i have to compare file1 of app1 with file1 of app2, then file2 of app1 and file2 of app2 and so on. In file comparison it is directly checking the size of both the files so rejecting every set. But i want bitmap comparison so as to see the difference(As in verification point).

Here the problem is it is extremely difficult to create hundreds of VP(Verification points), so i want to create a dynamic baseline which will capture file1 of app1 then after comparison it will change to file2 of app1 and so on...... or anyother method to deal with this problem.. No other tool is there so it has to be done in rational robot only. Yes for info if anybody knows how to deal with this sort of problem in other tool then i will definitely welcome them...But it won't help to the organization where i am working...

I need some help in this aspect as i have already explained the problem.....Expecting a quick response