Environment Setup:
1) NT machine.
2) Start a Command Prompt window via pop-up menu:
"Start/Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt".
This is not the path name for the window, just
the options to start the window from the
3) Enter the command "telnet" at
the c:\> prompt.
4) Perform logon procedure (ID & password).
5) Window generates prompt: "SN601099 > "

Additional Information:
1) The information generated for the prompt is
based on a global variable set at the
beginning of the testing session (run time).
Actual variable name is "Ip_Addr_G".

Examples: If I use IP address "",
I get the prompt: "SN601099 > ".
If I use IP address "",
I get the prompt: "SN601098 > ".

1) How do I set a verification point that will
gather the information printed within the
window and utilize a "run time" global
variable as the other part of the comparator?

2) Can I utilize "wild cards" within the defined
VP? For example: Instead of "SN601098 > ", can
the VP use "SN****** > ")? If so, how?

3) During the operation of this window, the
prompt will be generated each time a command
has completed (in order to prompt for a new
command). The history portion of this window
will contain a great many iterations of the
prompt. Can I be assured that I will locate
the last command prompt generated each time?
I want to make sure a command has successfully
executed before I issue the next command.

If at all possible, can someone call me to discuss this? I have spent to much valuable time to get no where with this. Thanks

Wayne Blankenship
(607) 241-4856 (work)
e-mail: wayne.blankenship@adic.com