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    How do I get information out of a ListBox to compare?

    I am testing an admin piece where I can add a user. After the user is added it appears in a ListBox. I know I can do a VP against that list box with a baseline, however instead of having to have all the users in that list box the exact same every time I would rather just look for that one user. When I am setting up the Properties in the VP to look at I notice there are strings like innerText. Is there a way I can get that innerText and get it into string. Once I have that string I can look for the user I added inside of it.
    Is there a way I can get into the ListBoxVP function to manipulate it? Is that code published. Or does anyone know a function that I can use that will grab the data in property innerText and put it in string format to my program and I can set up a custom VP?


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    Re: How do I get information out of a ListBox to compare?

    Dude, did you check the archive of messages here?
    Just wondering. Anyways, check out this thread. A guy created some code that you could probably use. It dumps the contents of a list box into an array. Then you can loop through the array looking for the user you just added.




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