Hey, I am brand new to robot and am hoping someone can help me out. I am trying to figure out the recognition path and failing miserably.

I am testing a web app and the page has multiple frames. Using the GUI record, robot does a
Browser SetFrame,"Type=HTMLFrame;HTMLId=adminRightFrameBod y",""

Question #1 - Inspector shows the frame like this, "Type=HTMLFrame;Name=adminRightFrameBody". Are HTMLId and Name synonymous?

Question #2 - Where does the recog path start from if I wanted to use SQAGetProperty and the SetFrame was used? Does the recog path start from underneath this frame?

Question #3 - So if the SetFrame was used (same as above) what would the path be to use SQAGetProperty for the HTMLTable on this frame. The objects seen by Inspector are below. I tried combinations of everything but couldn't get it to work.