Hello, first time poster so I hope this hasn't come up and I've missed it (though I doubt it because my software is so old).

I'm using robot 6.0 to test our company's software on the nt4sp6 platform. The problem I am running into is that there is a particular screen at which I am doing a dblclick to open a new form. When I run just this segment of code against the software, it works fine. However, when I run a CallProcedure to it from within the primary testing procedure, it freezes the program and dr watson pops up. I have tried to exhaust every posibility that I could think of to no avail and was hoping someone could point me in a fresh direction as to how I might get around this problem. I have tried a huge variety of permutations in getting this form opened and they all freeze. (Using arrow keys to navigate and hitting the enter key, for example.)

Bear with me as the QA thing is still new to me. Thanks!