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    Robot & Testmanager

    I am evaluation Robot at the moment and after running scripts it gives the fault overview in TestManager.

    My worry is, that if we do choose robot then do we need to purchase testmanager too or can robot report bugs properly itself too?


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    Re: Robot & Testmanager

    I do not think it is possible to get Robot without TestManager - they are always bundled.

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    Re: Robot & Testmanager

    Rational Robot is available as a single product of Rational Suite TestStudio but it comes together with Test Manager. It's not much of an additional cost. For instance SilkTest has a similar TestManager which manage the Test cases, test plan, ... within the SilkTest program not as a seperate program. Which doesn't make it any cheaper that Robot. So basically you would need TestManager but don't see it as a seperate application but more as a part of Robot.
    hope that help




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