I just started learning robot so I thought I would record a simple script against a simple vb.net application that takes values from two text boxes multiplies them together and puts them in a third box. I record the script and it works fine. I play it back and it works fine. I then downloaded the .Net enabler and then recorded another script and when I tried to play it back all of the recorded input values where placed in the first text box and nothing in the next box. If I try to set verification points up everything show up as generic. I called tech support and they could not figure it out. They told me to e-mail my app to them but there email server would not accept the app even when I changed the extension to .doc. So what do I have to do to get Robot to see .Net objects? If no one has an answer what can I do to get rid of enabler on my machine so that I can record and playback scripts that worked under the unenabled Robot. ie how to remove enabler without uninstalling Robot.