hi all...

trapped the error code while using the sqasetproperty command for a row in a grid, and this is what i got : 1020 - sqaErrorSettingProperty... ROW is not a read only property and i dont know what could cause a setproperty error, or how to work around this one.. have included my code snippet as well..

Result = SQAGetPropertyAsString(aBenchRec(n),"FullRecogniti on",strGridRec)
Result = SQAGetProperty(strGridRec,"Rows",intRowCount)

for i = 0 to intRowCount

Result = SQASetProperty(strGridRec, "Row", i)

Result = SQAGetPropertyAsString(strGridRec,"Columns(0).Valu e", strName)

next i

been playing with this for most of today, so any help would be gladly lapped up...

thanks again