I have such a problem:
In my program,there is a combobox,when the combobox clicked,the combolistbox is a third-party treeview named Tfctreeview,and i want to click the treeview node to do something.When i run the script,it seems that the node of treeview can not be clicked (because when the node is clicked,a messagebox will shows),but robot completes the script without error.
And i try a test program with only the Tfctreeview,now the script runs well with the messagebox shows.
Is there any wrong in my script?
Window SetContext, "Class=TFrmMain", ""
ComboBox Click, "ObjectIndex=1", "Coords=6,5"

Window SetContext, "Class=TfcPopupPanel", "Activate=0"
TreeView Click, "ObjectIndex=1;\;ItemText=MainItem->SubItem1", ""