Hi Guys,
I found the Bug life cycle specified for Defect Tracking schema in Rational Clear Quest a bit confusing.The states assigned to a bug goes this way:-
1.Submitted (anyone may submit.,tester,pm,developer,customer etc)
2.Assigned (PM or PL will assign to concerned)
3.Open (I don't know when this state is assigned & by whom..b'cos i feel there is no difference between Open & Submitted status)
4.Resolve (Developer to whom the bug is assigned will assign resolve status )
5.Closed (Tester verifies & closes OR)
6.Open (if bug not really resolved tester opens the bug)

Now i have something to ask.
3.Open..I think this state is meaningless, since after bug is assigned again there is no meaning in assigning status Open & then further saying it is resolved or duplicate
Can anyone debate on this..

Also When will we assign a status Re-Open to the bug...
Is it when we find the bug has status Resolved & tester finds the bug unresolved & he stamps Re-open
Is it when we are doing regression testing & find the closed bugs reopening.

Please clear my doubts..
May be i have asked something silly...but i can't help b'cos these terms are ultimatly confusing me.

Thx & Rgds

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