I am having a problem finding objects that are in a JavaPanel. I have a JavaPanel that contains many JavaCanvases. The Inspector can find all of the objects in the JavaPanel and will report the recognition strings as “Type=JavaCanvas;Type=JavaCanvas;Index=1”. Yet when I issse the following SQABasic command:

Result=SQAGetProperty (“Type=JavaCanvas;Type=JavaCanvas;Index=1” ,"FullRecognition",value)

The contents of value is “\;Type=Window;Caption=App - Microsoft Internet Explorer;\;Type=JavaWindow;JavaClass=CSSToolBarApp let”
The result is that I can’t click on a JavaCanvas. The following code will not click on the correct JavaCanvas

Browser SetApplet,"JavaClass=CSSToolBarApplet",""
JavaCanvas Click, " Type=JavaCanvas;Type=JavaCanvas;Index=1", ""

What am I missing? Any pointers would be welcome.

Bill Gilroy