User Cristian Stelejan ( posted:

I try to use SQAGetPropertyNames hoping to a response about "name" (index)
but I receive an error message from sqautil.

I see the object using SQAFindObject("Type=ListView;ID=4045;\;ItemIndex=1 "),
'second element from list
but at
result =
SQAGetPropertyNames("Type=ListView;ID=4045;\;ItemI ndex=1",ListProp() )

but I receive an error message from sqautil():

Runtime error '9'-Module SqaUtil, Line 48 ///subscript out of range

When I call
result = SQAGetPropertyNames("Type=ListView;ID=4045",ListPr op() )
function work good and return all propreties.(under |__properties)

Can anyone to say where can I find the list with error messages and them

I s this error due to the table?

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