I've got an application that has zillions of DataTable (grid) controls--this control was created by Infragistics (formerly ProtoView). I have read the document from Rational, "Extending Rational Robot Support for New ActiveX Controls", which says that a control needs to have the iAccessible interface so that a proxy can be created. I've read some documentation on the DataTable control, and I can't see any mention of the iAccessible interface.

1) If the a control does not have the iAccessible interface and I do not have access to the control's source code, is building a proxy completely out of the question?

2) If I can't build a proxy, is there any other way to extend Robot's ability into discovering a control's attributes? I'm just looking for standard things--the names of each column, the contents of a cell, the position of a cell both in pixel and row,column coordinates.


Andrew McFarlane