User Ashkenaz, Roy ( posted:

I've been having problems with WinXP Search (Professional Edition with
SP1) at work. They have the computers set up kinda goofy to "protect"
the user. Actually, the "protection" is not bad for the front office
people, but we are sitting in the back (of a sales office) trying to do
real development and testing, etc. Things like "lock you keyboard" after
5 minutes (and don't allow the user to change the timer), etc.

I was trying to search my *.rec files for the word "resume" (i.e.
SQAResumeLogOutput) and no matter how I tried the search, I never got
ANY files back (and I know the word "resume" was in some of my scripts.
In desperation, I went to Microsoft Support site, and BINGO.

Found article 309173 - Using the "A Word or Phrase in the File" Search
Criterion May Not Work

You can read the article yourself. The "easy" solution I found was
"Method 2" which was so obvious that I can't believe I didn't
automatically do it. [END SARCASM]

Here is a copy of the MS Method 2 - and it worked for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SYMPTOMS-When you search for files that contain text by using the A word
or phrase in the file search criterion, the search results may not
contain files that contain the text that you specified. For example,
.log, .dll, .js, .asp, .xml, .xsl, .hta, .css, .wsh, .cpp, .c, or .h
files, or files with no file name extension, may not appear in the
search results even if the files contain the text that you specified.
This problem may occur even if you specified the file name or type in
the All or part of the file name box.