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Thread: Stubs !!!

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    Stubs !!!

    User Rag (raghavendran.a@megasoft.com.nospam) posted:


    Does any body have any idea on implementing stubs in Robot.



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    Re: Stubs !!!

    User PHIL BEVAN (PHIL.BEVAN@thales-cs.com.nospam) posted:


    Haven't you got to finish some testing eunuch boy

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    Re: Stubs !!!

    User MacMillan, John F (John.MacMillan@moh.gov.on.ca.nospam) posted:

    You want Robot to act as a stub and test an application at the same time?

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    Re: Stubs !!!

    User DAVID MARSH (DAVID.MARSH@thales-cs.com.nospam) posted:

    Your post is far too bland for me to even think about responding.

    What are you trying to do? It is not possible to guess so give some detail.


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    Re: Stubs !!!

    User Simon P Garnett (simong@squaresum.com.nospam) posted:

    The applicaton you are testing will be the thing that initialises or utilises the stub. Robot doesn't really come into it unless you want it to check the output/input of the stub - in which case just treat it as part of or in addition to the the application being tested.

    I've never done this but I can't see it would be much of a big deal. The only issue I can think of is going to be when you replace the stub (in you system/link/integration test - whichever you do) with the real functionality - as then you have to change your test to interact with that instead of the stub.




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