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    Synchronization point in Robot Vuser

    I have a script where I want all my virtual users to submit a form at the same time.
    I have used Rendezvous point in load runner. I need to know how I can do the same using rational robot or test manager.

    Is there any command which needs to be added to the generated script.


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    Re: Synchronization point in Robot Vuser

    Well, that depends.

    Do you want all of the VUs to start the script at the same time? If so, then no, you don't need any code, just set the sync point in the suite.

    If you want the scripts to run independantly up to that point then sync up for the submit you have two options.

    1) split the script and use the sync point in the suite
    2) write a little C function in the script to wait for all the VU's to catch up.

    If you are new to VU robot, I'd recommend option 1.

    (as a side note, why in the WORLD would you want to submit at the same time? Wouldn't that be rather unrealistic?)

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