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There used to be a time, long long ago, when this mailing list was started
and for a few years afterwards, when you would get probably about 8 useful
messages to 2 off topic ones (except on Fridays when the ratio seemed to be
somewhat reversed ). This list was touted as the best reference for what
was then called SQA Suite (remember the old days, Andy?)

I used to highly recommend to my students that they make use of the list for
any questions that they had that they could not answer after a search of the
available documentation. I encouraged them to subscribe to the list to
improve their knowledge of the tool. It was worth it. They would get a
useful response (not necessarily a solution) to a question, sometimes in a
matter minutes. This still happens... occasionally.

And back then, whenever a message was off topic, it was well identified in
the subject line so people could sort out the weeds easily if they so

Not so long ago, I remember seeing a long thread about Dr Magdy being off
topic and getting a full load from numerous members of this list for not
clearly identifying this on the subject line of his/her messages.

And yet, over the last week, it seems to me that the ratio of useful
messages to off topic ones is about 1 to 10, although you would conclude, by
looking at the subject lines, that it is more like 10 to 1.

I will let you draw TWO obvious conclusions from this last statement...

The world changes. I must be getting old!

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